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1 Email address Score Type Sources First name Last name Department
2b.mohamed@tomba.io99Personal20MohamedBen rebiaExecutive
3b.abedrahim@tomba.io99Personal17AbedrahimBen rebiaExecutive

Data supplied as of July, 2024

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Exploring the Capabilities of Bulk Domain Email Search

The Bulk Domain Search is designed to extract email addresses associated with a range of companies or domain names.

Utilizing our comprehensive database of publicly accessible professional email addresses, this tool delivers optimal results for each domain. Users can refine their search by selecting specific departments (like executive, marketing, HR, IT, communication) and the nature of the email (generic or personal).

To get a feel for the process, try out individual searches with the Domain Search feature.

Reliability and Confidence Scoring of Sourced Email Addresses

Our Domain Search gleans email addresses found publicly online. Each email is accompanied by a confidence score, which is derived from a variety of factors like source reliability, SMTP checks, and contextual analysis on web pages.

Accessing Bulk Domain Search: Free Trial and Premium Options

Access to the Bulk Domain Search is available through a Free account, with plans varying based on your request volume.

You can evaluate the Bulk Domain Search with a trial. Upload a CSV file to see the quantity and quality of discovered email addresses, the required number of requests, and a data preview.

Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.

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Bulk Domain Search

Type any company to find a list of email addresses.

Bulk Domain Search
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Sheets Bulk Domain Search

Find email addresses directly inside Google Sheets.

Sheets Bulk Domain Search
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Excel Bulk Domain Search

Find email addresses directly inside Microsoft Excel.

Excel Bulk Domain Search