Revision Date : Aug 25, 2022

Thank you for choosing us as a platform for your content. Before we you start to write for us or before we welcome you as our Guest Blogger you must be wondering what Tomba is? Tomba is a SaaS(Software as a Service) based product with features like email finder. We are categorized under Email Productivity, Email Management and Email Marketing Tool. Content is what makes a website/blog stand out in this ocean of websites/blogs on the internet. Every day more than 3 Million blog posts are written and left in the wilderness called the Internet. In a nutshell, having quality content on our blog is what our aim is and for that, we are always looking for the guest writers & bloggers who are interested to contribute articles. What topic should you choose? Any topic related to the following categories:

  • Inside Sales
  • Sales
  • Startups
  • SaaS
  • Growth Hacking
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Startups
  • Lead Generation

Who are our readers?

Our readers are sales people, business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, CEOs, global business leaders and founders who always seeking for new strategies, case studies, Unique Idea, Tools, Advice and Growth Hacking Tips.

Writer and Graphic Designer?

These are the kind of writers we just LOVE. For you guys, we have a whole different blog category. You can contribute on our blog an article or an INFOGRAPHIC. And to be honest, we just LOVE infographics like everybody else. Submission Standards:

  • Content should be of good quality with proper grammar, sentences and punctuations.
  • It should be well researched and all the facts, if included in the blog, should be checked beforehand.
  • If any numbers or research included in the blog, its source should be added in the blog too.
  • Any information without a proper source to backup will not be acceptable.
  • Blog should be written with a keyword in mind. That keyword should be included in the title and first paragraph of the blog.
  • Also, it should be included in the blog with a density of 2-3%. It should not look like it has been stuffed in the blog. Writing Standards/Style
  • The blog should contain at least 3-4 images or gifs or any other media if available. An infographic would be an added value.
  • It should not be written in the chunks i.e. any paragraph included should not be more than 150 words.
  • The sentences should not be in passive voice. 10-15% or passive voice sentences are okay but not more than that.
  • The blog should contain Title, Heading and a Subheading too for better readability of the blog.
  • A particular sentence should not contain more than 15 words which make sentences a bit too long for readers.
  • For better knowledge of readability refer Flesch Reading Ease articles.
  • If you have a good knowledge about a particular segment of industry or an advice or tips or life hacks, it would be an added bonus for the article. Before you submit, please run through this checklist. Have you…
  • Added your name, email, website, and Twitter handles to the top of your post?
  • Included your two-sentence bio at the top of your post?
  • Added two links within your post to other relevant posts? (Use relevant keyword anchors like this.)
  • Turned your post into an editable Google Doc? (Because Google can be finicky, that means creating your post as a Google Doc — cutting and pasting if you’ve written it in Word — rather than uploading a Word Doc to Drive.) Share your Google Doc with & submit your contribution from below button. No need to send us an email too, we’ll get a notification when you share (and you can also include a message when you share the Doc by clicking “Add message”). Still have some questions? You can read the our FAQs part or you can email us at Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pay?

No, we do not pay to contributors as this deal can be considered as Quid Pro Quo. Why do I need to submit via Google Docs? We use Google Docs because it allows us to easily collaborate with several people without passing around new versions of a Word Doc. If you’ve never shared a Google Doc before, here are easy instructions. (Don’t forget to give us editing power.) Tip: It’s best to create your post as a Google Doc, rather than uploading a Word Doc to Google. Sometimes if you take the latter route, we can’t edit even if you tell the doc to allow us to do so. Should I pitch you my idea before writing the post? If you’d like to, go ahead. But we’re happy to consider a draft as well. Should I include links within the piece? Yes. Please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader – they can be to appropriate posts on your site or on any other news site or blog. Well, you can link to other posts on Tomba Blog, that makes us happy, too. Insert links in your copy via anchor text or keywords, for example, like this if you’re writing about networking. No HTML, please! Will you edit my post? We’ll edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice. You’ll be able to see our edits in your Google Doc.

Do you give dofollow links in the post?

No, we do not give dofollow links in the guest post. We allow nofollow links in general but if you want dofollow links email us at What should I do after I submit my post? Once your blog post is live, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts. Note: SEO driven-submissions are not welcomed at all. We only welcome genuine people who want to share knowledge or who want to make it in the writing world. We won’t accept posts which are purely meant for brand promotion or SEO boost. We are totally against unoriginal and unauthentic content. And we won’t accept any posts which are already published on some other website. We say a big NO to plagiarism.