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Data supplied as of July, 2024

Email Finder Available fields.

Emailjohn.doe@example.comstringThe email address of the person.
First nameJohnstringThe first name of the person.
Last nameDoestringThe last name of the person.
PositionSoftware EngineerstringThe job position of the person.
DepartmentEngineeringstringThe department in which the person works.
Twitter@johndoestringThe Twitter handle of the person. LinkedIn profile of the person.
TypeProfessionalstringThe type of contact.
Pattern{first}.{last}@example.comstringThe pattern used in the email.
GenderMalestringThe gender of the person.
CountryUSstringThe country of residence of the person.
Verification score85numberThe score assigned after verification.
Verification date2024-01-17dateThe date when verification was completed.
Verification statusvalidstringThe current status of verification.
Accept alltruebooleanIndicates whether all conditions are accepted.
phone+1234567890stringThe phone number of the person.
Email Sources sources of the email address.

Get the email addresses behind any website.

Type filter

List only the personal or the role-based email addresses. For example, addresses like 'jane.smith(at)' or 'support(at)'.

Email pattern

Get the most common email format used in the organization from dozens of possible combinations.

Find someone

Type a name and get the proven or most likely email address of this person.

Score and verification

Find verified email addresses or get a confidence score in percentage.

Save a lead

Save any email to your leads and export them or directly import them into your favorite CRM.


Every email address has public sources you can check along with the last discovery dates.

How Email Finder works?

Just 3 simple steps and you're good to go


Step 1:

Enter a full name and the domain


Step 2:

Click on Search


Step 3:

View The Results

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Find the email of anyone behind any website

With Tomba extensions, you can quickly find the email addresses behind websites you're browsing.

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Feedback from our customers

They talk about us

It's a great product. I have been searching for a tool for a long time that could help me to find the email addresses of the contacts of a company. With this product, it's possible. I have tried a lot of products in the past, but this is the best one I have ever found.


Vineet Devaiah

CEO At Teliportme

I spend 3+ months creating best in class content in the form of data-based research studies. When all is said and done, Tomba is the tool I turn to. Tomba finding the contacts for the perfect prospects at scale is game changing in helping us promote.


Nick Rizzo

R Director At The Streamable

As a Founder, as well as a sales leader, there are three things that are important to me when I choose an email finder solution. It’s got to be cost effective, easy to use and of course the data has to be accurate, I actively recommend it.


Kevin Dixon

Founder At

Tomba is definitely the winner after testing 9-10 tools available in the market. It is our go to solution for finding B2B contacts and saves us 10 hours/week on outreach campaigns. I would recommend Tomba as we had the best success.


Rohan Singh

G Manager At Thestorefront

G2 leader

G2’s Summer 2023 Leader

G2 leader

G2’s Spring 2023 Small Business Leader

G2 leader

G2’s Summer 2023 Easiest to Use

G2 leader

G2’s Summer 2023 Best software

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Email Finder FAQs

Unique Features of Tomba Compared to Other Email Finders

Tomba stands out by utilizing numerous top-tier data sources with current databases. This approach, rather than relying solely on an internal database, ensures the highest quality of data, especially for locating verified email addresses.

Effectiveness and Verification Process of Tomba’s Email Finder

Tomba's Email Finder excels by accessing the most comprehensive public email database for accurate contact information.

Before delivery, each email address undergoes a free verification process. Emails marked with a green "Verified" shield are confirmed deliverable. Unverified emails are provided with a confidence score based on several data points.

Source and Creation of Email Addresses by Tomba

There are two possible methods for email address sourcing:

  • Initially, the Email Finder looks for a match in our extensive public web database.
  • If no match is found, it then predicts the most probable email address using various data points.

Regardless of the method, each email address is verified for accuracy.

Bulk Email Address Search Capabilities of Tomba

Absolutely! With the Bulk Email Finder, you can upload a CSV file to enrich it with email addresses, or use our Google Sheets add-on for direct searches.

Advantages of Tomba’s Email Finder Over Competitors

  1. Tomba boasts a massive database with over a hundred million professional email addresses, ensuring current and accurate contact information.
  2. Every email obtained via the Email Finder undergoes a verification check, providing a verification status and a confidence score for accuracy assessment.
  3. The Email Finder also reveals the public sources and discovery dates for emails found online.
  4. Tomba is fully GDPR compliant, applying these standards across our entire database, not just for EU residents.

Additional Email Lookup Services Offered by Tomba

Alongside the Email Finder, the Domain Search tool allows you to find email contacts associated with a specific website or company.

Troubleshooting Non-Results in Tomba’s Email Finder

If the Email Finder fails to return a result, consider checking:

  • Whether the company's email domain differs from their website domain.
  • The current employment status of the individual you're trying to contact.
  • Possible misspellings in the person's name.

Free Access and Usage Limits of Tomba’s Email Finder

Each successful search with the Email Finder consumes one search request.However, if no result is found, the search is free of charge.

Users with a free account are allocated up to 25 searches per month. For additional needs, our pricing plans offer more options.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, visit the dedicated section in our Help Center.

Where the Email Finder can be used

A Solution for each use case

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Email Finder

Type any company to find a list of email addresses.

Email Finder
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Chrome Email Finder

Find the corporate email addresses of a list of professionals.

Chrome Email Finder
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Bulks Email Finder

Enrich a list of companies or websites with email addresses.

Bulks Email Finder
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Sheets Email Finder

Find email addresses directly inside Google Sheets.

Sheets Email Finder
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Excel Email Finder

Find email addresses directly inside Microsoft Excel.

Excel Email Finder
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API Email Finder

Build your own powerful tools around Tomba data.

API Email Finder
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